So what makes PhotoExit special?

Real good photographs go beyond explanation; those that are well captured in the exact same way they are meant to be remembered.

At PhotoExit, we live those moments with you, freeze them into frames that will be etched in your memory for a lifetime. Our enthusiastic team of photographers share our ideals of delivering more than just bunch of flashy pictures. With changing trends and ever increasing demands of our prospective clientele, we strive to keep up to the latest in photography. One such development is our expertise in handling destination weddings, a promising segment where we are focusing our efforts on.

At PhotoExit, we believe that photographs are a work of art, that which extends to more than the lens and the eyes.

What We Do

Candid Photography

The true skill of a photographer lies in his ability to produce a photograph which showcases his subject in his/her elements. Candid photographs make memories vivid; add color and rings back in the mood of that exact moment which is so well captured by the photographer. Our team takes special interest in this line of photography, for this is as exciting for us as it is for you!


With a sound team of well experienced and talented technicians, we at Photo Exit provide exceptionally high quality motion pictures with adequate lighting and color.

Traditional Photography

Traditional photography exudes timeless charm – we do not hesitate to step back and deliver such projects using our innovative approach.

Couple Shoots

Romance is best captured through lens- each frame filled with ever-lasting love and heartwarming emotions. Our exclusive couple shoots will certainly serve as a pre-cursor to lifetime of togetherness. A significant something which will stand as testimony of what you share with your partner.

Corporate Events

On our hat with many feathers- undertaking professional shooting of corporate events is also a major contributor for we juggle roles with ease. We provide solid photographs with high resolution that can be printed as well as uploaded on official websites.

Exclusive Birthday Parties

Birthdays are those filled with immense joy, today are they more than just cake, flowers and balloons. This occasion never ceases to bring excitement year after year- with what we give you at photo-exit you may just wish birthday s happen more than once a year!


Portraits are tricky- for the subject has to be realistically captured with all attention to detail. We focus on delivering high resolution photographs that does just that, for we have what it takes to understand and capture more than what meets the eye.