Telugu wedding photography

{Srikant and Sujana} – Wedding Cinematic video

Yes, we all know that “ Marriages are made in heaven” but on the day of Srikant and Sujana wedding, heaven was on the earth. The stunning wedding stage decoration of Lord Srinivasa and Padmavathi got positive vibes for the couples that they came here to bless the couples.  Both are dressed like a King and queen and the day was like a Seetha Rama Kalyana.

Even our Cinematographers picturized every movement very naturally with all the emotions. Our team members captured every ritual beautifully such as Kashi yatra including Padapooja, Upanayana to the groom feels every one to watch the video again and again.

At the time of Mangalya Shastra, our team members didn’t even miss not even a single moment, they covered all the emotions of relatives friends naturally so that it showed the proof of our outstanding work. The best couples Srikant and Sujana tied a knot, our team wishes them to be a role model to all others and lead the life happily.

If you are planning to search for a cinematographer for a wedding our team is the best choice, they will cover the photoshoot as you expect punctually without missing any rituals. The day, you are going to tie a knot is the most precious day so these videos are going to be a memorable treasure in life.