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Vinod + Priya – The Magic of Love – Couple shoot Photography

A scenic yet familiar location, fresh crisp air, a gentle breeze and two people hopelessly in love- in short, all the right elements to bring out the best in candid shots of a couple. Vinod and Priya uninhibited- We present to you the outdoor edition of our couple exclusive photography.

The atmosphere is unrestrained and there is less of an audience, Vinod and Priya are dressed in vivid colors and are all set to embark on their journey to last a lifetime. There is a smile combined with a coyness that plays on Priyas lips and our man Vinod expresses restrained joy in holding her hands; we set foot into spending the whole day with them for our pre-nuptial shoot. They are at ease with our presence and our crew finds it very easy to blend in with the lovely duo in an attempt to capture the best of their uncountable moments on a day like this.

The result- is here for you to see. Love knows no bounds; these shots simply reflect that phenomenon.

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couple shoot photography 1