Vinod and priya wedding photography

Vinod + Priya Wedding – A Journey of Love

There is something extremely exciting to capture the lovely moments and moods of a couple so much in love; sooner or later the purity of what they share endears you towards them. Before you realize, you are smiling behind the camera, your heart feels light and effortlessly the very best comes out.

When such is the feeling we carry in our job; the outcome can be unsurpassed. What you actually get is more than what you saw. Such was our experience with Vinod and Priya, the lovebirds from Vizag who recently joined hands in wedlock.

Vinod and Priya s wedding was straight out of a super hit love story- sparks fly during college, they are together for close to a decade and finally take their relationship to the next level. Priya is happy, exuberant and eager to spread cheer all around her, while Vinod is her man in shining armor hovering over her. Shooting this ideal couple was such pleasure, and it was sheer delight to watch each frame come alive with the chemistry that comes in so naturally between them.

The pictures speak for themselves.
vinod+priya 2
vinod+priya 1

vinod+priya 3

vinod+priya 4

vinod+priya 5

vinod+priya 6

vinod+priya 7

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